Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Thursday evening, Julia and Jonas (our dear friends from northern KY) came for an overnight visit. Jonas was a complete angel.

Avery... not so much. She was fine earlier in the visit, but as the evening wore on... Let's just say she got a little moody. She had a great time playing with his toys, but whenever he got close to her, she lost it! It's time I got her around some more kids. Play groups, here we come.

Saturday, I went to pick up pictures from our session with Julie Thacker, and my car decided to break down right in front of her house. Lovely. Andy was able to get it back to out house, but the part won't be in till Friday. So, it looks like Avery and I'll be cruising around in my Grandma's car.
I love the weekend. I love long weekends. The Caudill's weekend always start on Thursday (my husband works four 10 hr shifts), so some might say we have long weekends every week. However, the past two have been "extra long", (I've had Andy home 4 days, instead of 3) which has spoiled us. I guess it's back to the normal routine after today.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here we go...

After "blog stalking" some friends, I've decided to start my own. We'll see how long this little project lasts. So, here we go...

I'm a stay-at-home mother of one. My beautiful daughter, Avery, will be 8 months old on the 29th, and is the love of our lives. She is a crawling machine and such a curious child. We have so much fun playing, going for walks, and visiting with our family and friends. I love watching her figure things out and the excitement on her face when she does something new.

I just put her down for a nap and let her "cry it out" for the first time. After 15 minutes, she was out like a light (20 minutes was my limit, don't think I could handle much more than that). The past couple of days she has been extra clingy and fussy with me. I'm thinking she is cutting some teeth, however it wasn't this bad with her first two teeth. Who knows? I just want her to feel better.

Well, I think I'd better go do some things around the house while I've got the free time. A dear friend of mine is coming for a visit tomorrow and this house is a train wreck! Should be a fun! Stay tuned for pictures. :)