Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thirty-One Thursday: All-In-One Organizer

Hello, fellow Thirty-One enthusiasts! For this Thirty-One Thursday, we're going to take a closer look at the All-In-One Organizer (aka:AIO). So many uses for this jewel.

 I realize this print isn't in the Fall/Winter 2011 catalog... but the AIO Organizer is the same. ;) Embroidered in font style 31.

Everything that was cluttering-up MY side of the bathroom sink... "All-In-One" place. Pun intended. ha!

Perfect for tub toys, bathroom his/her/kids organizers, or a shower caddy for a college student. It's the width of a standard size file folder (12"W x 8"H x 6.5"D... if your brain works that way, which mine, does not), so it's perfect for a "mobile office".

 I have started using this little gem as a Hostess Caddy (*if you'd like to host a party/catalog party, you'll see what I mean. wink wink... nudge nudge). It's perfect for all the information, catalogs, order forms, and party invitations that every good hostess needs.

 It's also great as a first aid station, to keep under the sink in the bathroom or in your car. Also, as a "book shelf" or "movie shelf" for tight/small spaces (think dorm room). 

Warning: The following are some really fantastic gift ideas (if I do say so myself) for the upcoming holiday season. Please, stay calm. Maybe even, do a little stretching. I do not want (and will not claim responsibility for) any injuries, caused by you rushing to the website link at the bottom of this post. There's plenty to go around. No pushing or line-jumping. Consider yourself warned. ;)
***The AIO is a great way to think outside the fill-in-the-blank. Trick-or-Treat bag (*which, by the way, I just ordered for Avery, with "Trick or Treat" embroidered on it... no worries, I'll post pictures when it gets here), Christmas stocking, Easter Basket, or special Birthday Goody bag...thing. These are great for Santa to use when he leaves a stocking at a Grandparent's house.

***Perfect as a gift for a teacher, neighbor, boss, babysitter or "Secret Santa". Fill with homemade holiday goodness, a festive smelling candle, or the recipient's favorite junk food splurge. With embroidery only $7, it's a great way to give this versatile gift, a personal touch. READ: Thirty-One has brought back embroidery on the All-In-One Organizer, due to customer demands request. Also back on the embroidery list: Zipper Pouch, Mini Zipper Pouch, and the Square Utility Tote.

So, like I said, this little guy has a TON of uses, especially for the impending holiday season. Let me know if you have questions. Feel free to email me at if you'd to see a catalog or place an order. You can also view the catalog by clicking HERE.

Happy Shopping! Hope to hear from you soon. :)
 Have a great Thursday!

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