Sunday, August 15, 2010

Oldest Friends

Recently, I've posted about friends, new and old. Now, it's time for my oldest friends to be in the spotlight. This weekend was my 10 yr high school reunion. I will say, that even though I "see" these people on Facebook, I was quite anxious to see my former classmates in person. You see, I was flying solo to this event (as I have for most social events, mainly weddings, here in Ashland since I've been married), and I was concerned that my friends would think I have an imaginary husband. Andy had prior arrangements to play music this weekend, and I'm sure that he, being the anti-social loving husband that he is, just hated missing the festivities.

I had a wonderful evening. Even stayed till the very end (which I can honestly say, was not my plan). It was a smooth evening, not awkward at all (like I'd expected). So, here are a few pictures that I captured last night. Enjoy!

The Oakview Elementary Crew

Me, Travis, Abby, Derek, & Emily

Class of 2000 10 yr reunion (yep... that's all that showed)

And since I can't post without pictures of my girl, here you go... (Yes, I took pictures in the grocery store)

Have a great day! :)


  1. **PLEASE NOTE** I have no idea why the picture of Avery is on there twice. =/

  2. YAY!! I am so glad I made a post. I had so much fun! You looked great and of course I LOVED hangning out with you and wish it could be more often!

  3. Happy post!!! Love it. Would you believe my first wedding took place at that lodge?! It was supposed to be at Central Park, but it rained. No wonder it didn't work out! Anyway, so glad you had a good time!


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