Saturday, August 21, 2010

28 yrs.

Friday was my 28th birthday. Yes, that's right, I'm 28. Since it was my birthday, I thought that this was an acceptable mid-day snack.

Avery even got in on the action, and she was a happy girl.

Presents? Oh yes, there were presents. Andy got me a series of DVDs from PhotoVision (when I say "got", I mean: I ordered them, then told him that they were for my birthday), and I LOVE them.

And, I got these BEAUTIFUL flowers and a bunch of clothes from Ann Taylor Loft (my favorite) from my mother.

I also got a gift card to the mall from my dad (love gift cards!), and some smell good stuff from Bath&Body from Sally.

Overall rating of the day: Fabulous. I even got to blow out some candles.

I am so thankful for my life today. It's not the life I deserve. No, it's much more. It's the best present from my merciful, heavenly Father.

Have a great day
God bless

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  1. Happy Birthday lovely!!
    You do deserve it!


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