Friday, August 6, 2010

New Friends

    The past couple weeks, Avery and I have had the pleasure of hanging out with our new friends, Aidan and Mary. We met at church when we were both pregnant, and have since developed a friendship. Her son is almost a month older than Avery, and is the sweetest boy. Today, Mary and I shared a baby-free lunch, and I had a wonderful time. It's so nice to relax and eat your food. I think we sat there for an hour and a half, just talking, and I'm pretty sure we would have stayed longer, if our server hadn't been leaving.

Since we've been home from the beach, the Caudill women have been kinda lazy. We've made huge messes with spaghetti, hung out with Moe and uncle Blake, and had pj days watching Little Einsteins & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Andy, on the other hand, has worked his butt off! He's been staining a rather large deck (and it's taken him longer than he thought). I actually helped the other day. Gave him 3 solid hours, and I decided I'm just not cut out for manual labor. 

Next week, Avery and I are heading to Northern KY, to see our dear friends Julia & Jonas, and hopefully a special apperance made by Greta. Stay tuned. Pictures to come!


  1. Love it! Just a suggestion: When you come to NKY you stop here and then you could do a post called "Old Friends". Just sayin'!

  2. I miss you Abby! Just sayin'! :)


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