Monday, October 24, 2011

sick girl (?)

We're on a roll! Two doctor visits, two patients, two days.

I took Elliot Grae this morning, due to the fact that her nose was running like a sugar tree (expression credit goes to Andy Caudill)... a yellow-green color sugar tree, accompanied by a lovely cough, sounding very similar to her mother's. Lovely. Stupid genetics. I carry this child for nine months, nurturing her every need. She gets here and the only thing that says she's mine are the big brown eyes and her already present allergies. Awesome. ;)
Well... we made it 6 months without a sick visit. Not too shabby.

Before I became a mother to my girls, I assumed babies/children, have a similar look when feeling under the weather. Calm. Lethargic. Pitiful.  

But, my child? Goodness, no! This look (above) lasted a total of 3 minutes after waking up from an afternoon nap.

This is what my child does...

Completely normal for a 6 month old, right? ;)

She looks a little cocky in this one, doesn't she?

It's EG's world. We're all just living in it. ;)

I mean, you can definitely tell she doesn't feel well (through the eyes), but she's too busy to let a little Dr. appointment and antibiotics get in her way.

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