Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Growing Girls

I know. It is inevitable. I get it. Still... wrapping my head around this

and this

One of our favorites: I Love You Through and Through by Bernadette Rossetti-Shustak

... are a little too much for me. And, she's pretending (not with the potty stuff... that's serious business). She'll pick up her cell (Andy's old one) and talk. Laughing hysterically at something said on the other end of the line (who ever that is...), then casually says "Talk to you later" and hangs up. I love seeing her imagination cranking. I would give anything to be a fly-on-the-wall of her brain (if that made any sense...), to hear what's going on in there.

Add this to the mix...

On the move at 5.5 months old. No big deal.

... and I'm over the edge... free falling into the depths of my memories of the past 2 years. Two years. That's all it has been. That's it. There are days (like today) that I am drowning in the flash flood, wondering how I got here. Other days, it's hard to recall the time in my not-so-long-ago past, when these beautiful babies weren't in my life.

It must be this time of year. Something about the seasonal change, that is making me want to capture each moment... bottle it up. So, I can relive each milestone at my leisure. Ummm... I think I just reinvented the wheel. I think I'll call it... a blog. This is my way to bottle it up... come back and visit whenever I want. Mentally prepare yourself for a photo dump.

Ready? Here it comes.

Queen Bee, managing things from her Bumbo Throne.

Happy Hump Day, folks!

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  1. That is the perfect explanation for the purpose of a blog. Those girls are so adorable! And Miss Avery's shoes??? That gal is accessorized! She's had on different shoes every time I've seen her lately. Stylin'! :)


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