Friday, September 30, 2011

Onion Rings & Crayons

Friday night. Exciting stuff. With Andy recording music ALL DAY LONG, the girls and I head to my mother's to hang out. She's exhausted, but I'm really looking forward to the frozen Lean Cuisine I accidentally left at her house. Like I said, exciting stuff. I don't know how it happened. I'm still not quite sure what sparked this spontaneous girl's night out, but I'm thankful for it... whatever it was. I remember heading to the kitchen to heat up my aforementioned dinner... next thing I know, we're loading up the girls on this nasty, brisk, rainy evening and heading to Kenova, West Virginia. That's right... I said Kenova, West by God Virgina.

Griffith & Feil Pharmacy and Soda Fountain is this little place, where the food is amazingly simplistic, but fantastic. I love the atmosphere here. It reminds me of some place my grandparents would have taken me as a child, letting me get a HUGE ice cream sundae, for no reason, other than I was there with them. No "special" occasion needed. Just cause.

Makes me happy.

Oh, the food? Amazing. I mean, seriously. Look at these onion rings.

Avery enjoyed the extra waxy crayons (more than her grilled cheese) and some much needed time with her Moe (my mother).

**Since we've been introducing Avery to the potty (and have had some success, I might add), she's become extra interested in anatomy. Enjoy.

The giant bear that welcomes you into the pharmacy.

Friday night. Impromptu girl's night out. Amazing deep fried goodness. "Flashing" bears. Like I said... exciting stuff. :)  

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  1. Thhis post is perfect. I love everything about it!
    What a great evening. I think SK and I must go on the next trip there with you. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


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