Monday, September 26, 2011


Saturday was GORGEOUS, and I had an unusual pep in my step. So, Andy and I loaded up the girls and ended up at the park. Avery was kinda singing in the back seat, not really noticing where we were, until we parked. Wait for it... wait for it..."SWINGS!" There it is. She could not get out of the car fast enough.

She ended up running the wrong way, and got all pouty-slumpy shouldered as Andy and I were trying to help her go the right way... to get to her beloved swings. Once, she realized we were still heading to her favorite thing in the whole world, she perked right back up.

"You coming?"

 Seeing her light up like a Christmas tree, reassuring her sweet question, "Fun?", Yes, sweet pea. We are going to have lots of fun, melts my heart. I understand that I may be a little a lot biased, but she is just a precious child. Intense. Focused. Not missing a thing. Taking it ALL in. Soak it up, baby.

Once, she's satisfied with her surroundings, this is what you get...

and this...

My littlest little is itching to get out there with her big sister. Itching. It won't be long till this bundle of 5 month old sweetness is on the move. Already on all fours, rocking back & forth, scootin' around to get to what she wants. I'm in shock! She's too little for that! It's too early! When did this happen?!

I love that sideways smirk/smile. LOVE it.

Beautiful day at the park. Lovely day with my loves.


  1. This just makes me grin! They are both so full of life and happy! Beautiful little girls!

  2. Thank you so much, I feel the prayers. sometimes it feels like it is getting harder. But I know we will get through this. Your girls are just DOLLS!!! seriously, they are adorable. Have a great week!

  3. Beautiful! Nothing better in this world than seeing sweet babies' faces light up with big smiles!


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