Friday, September 30, 2011

Thirty-One Thursday: Organizing Utility Tote

*Yesterday (better known as "Thursday") was my daughter's 2nd birthday, so I decided to save this post for today.
Hello, friends! For this Thirty-One Thursday, I've decided to highlight the Organizing Utility Tote (which just so happens to be the Oct. Customer Special... see what I did there? ha!) which is a product I LOVE to talk about. This tote was not on my "must-have" list... until I got one. It is one of the most surprising, versatile product I can think of!

Countless uses for this tote! It's perfect as a diaper/kid bag with it's 7... that's right, SEVEN exterior pockets (two, of which, are mesh). I toss my phone in one pocket, my keys in another, and still have 5 pockets for fruit snacks, "dirty diaper bags", you-name-it's. This way I never have to dig for my keys when my hands are full of... well, everything else.
A friend of mine, keeps one on her son's dresser as a "diaper station organizer". It holds all the diapers, wipes, lotion, butt-paste, bulb syringe, etc.
 My team's Director has one embroidered with "I need a maid" and uses it as a cleaning caddy, which is a fantastic idea. Especially for those of us who live homes with multiple levels. One on each floor! It's perfect for carrying your dusting polish/clothes, glass cleaners, paper towels, etc. We also use ours as a "Road Trip Essentials" tote. Great for movies, coloring books, snacks, reading books, crayons... you know, everything you need while traveling with little ones. Or, for yourself: magazines, books, snacks, iPod, etc.
Great gym tote (shoes, workout clothes, deodorant).
Perfect for holding your gardening tools ("Green Thumb" embroidered).

The list could go on, and on, and on...

The Organizing Utility Tote is perfect for everyone! As I mentioned before, it also just so happens to be the October Customer Special (*fantastic deal), so it's a great time to mark some people off your Christmas list! Feel free to email me at or click HERE to view the catalog (and catch a description of the monthly specials).

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