Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deleted? I guess not...

HELLO, everyone! I have not written ONCE in 2011. It's September. For some reason, I was under the impression (I assume because I haven't written in 9 months) that my blog was deleted... by accident? Or by blogger... Doesn't matter. I was misinformed! 

So... This is my vow to you, my loyal 17 followers. I vow to catch you up on the last 9 months (*spoiler alert: I had a baby.) and I swear promise will TRY to keep you informed on my EXCITING LIFE at least once a week.

OK... How should we do this "catching up" thing? Hit the highlights? OK, here we go: I became a Thirty-One Gifts Independent Consultant in February. LOVE this company! Great looking, reasonably priced products with an amazing, Christian-based company & support system. Some of you that know me, might be a little shocked by this, but being a stay-at-home wife & mother has caused me to take on a little bit of an introvert personality. I don't want to say, I'd "lost part of myself" or anything dramatic... but when your main human contact during the day is a toddler... well, most conversations are a little one-sided. This is a way for me to get out of the house, interact & talk with other adults... I know, crazy concept. Who knew?
So, (**shameless plug) let me know if you'd like to place an order or check out the catalog. Or you can click here to view the online catalog.

April 20th is now a Caudill holiday! We welcomed our 2nd sweet baby girl, Elliot Grae, into the world & this family.

Elliot Grae Caudill. 4/20/11 6:06PM
8lbs. 4oz., 20.5"

 And, let me just tell you... She. Is. Sweet. Looks exactly like her father, with my coloring & 5th generation brown eyes. Her big sister, Avery Drew, also favors her father (his coloring, my brown eyes), but not like this one. It's a little eerie.

See... I told you.

Avery Drew is growing entirely too fast! AND, has hair?! It just happened... all of a sudden! Boom! Pigtails. :)

I'm having a hard time with the fact that this one will be 2 years old at the end of this month. TWO?! But, look at her! When did she get big?

purple piggies

Birthday Fairies

August 20th, I celebrated my first 29th birthday. I have not come to terms with this yet, so that is all we'll say about it. Well, that and this:

Me & my littles

Recap: Life is good. God is great. I'm thankful, grateful, and very blessed. Thanks for reading. Share the love. Send your friends. ;) Talk soon.

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  1. Maybe I'm getting ready to start my period (this year) but the music play-list(Obvious Child)and the pictures of the girls in their ferry outfits and you looking like a proud Momma has mad me cry three times this morning!

    I'm so proud of you and the girls that you are raising! Beautiful family and I wish we lived closer so we could be a part of every single day. Missing you.




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