Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday!
Yo Gabba Gabba! is an oddly fantastic addition to our lives. My biggest little thinks it's the bees knees. So, when we heard that the Live show was coming just an hour from our house, there was no question that we'd be there. Avery has a fascination with all the characters, especially DJ Lance.

The show was Friday. The Caudill's (and my wonderful  mother) loaded up the van, snotty-heads and all, and headed to my girls' first live show. I was a little anxious about Avery's reaction. Don't get me wrong, she loves the TV show. I just wasn't sure how she'd react to the over-stimulating crowd of screaming children, flashing lights, loud music, and the "sitting in your chair, like a big girl" part of it.

So, how did she do? I think these images say it all...

Love her face. DJ Lance! "There he is!"

And, how did Elliot do? She was really into the light show... so many bright colors. She doesn't miss a thing! So observant. Just like her big sister.

It was so much fun. We would will definitely go again. Andy and I had such a nice time, watching our girls' faces. I captured almost all of the oh my goodness-I'm so happy faces that Avery had, but the majority of my pictures (I took about 104) were a whole bunch of these...

Taking it all in. My little sponge.
Over all rating of first Live show: I give it a solid Awesome.

I don't feel well. Actually, I just got home from the Urgent Care center. I've been battling this mess, also known as my head, for about a week... blaming allergies. The OTC stuff isn't touching it, so I waved my white flag, and headed in to get some stronger stuff.
Last night, I had to have Andy put ear drops in my ear. I don't do drops... of any kind. Drops freak me out. Always have. I'm aware this is odd... it's just the way it is. So, here's to hoping these antibiotics take care of me, so I can take care of my snotty littles.

We're missing a very special guy's 2nd birthday party today. All 3 of the Caudill girls are too snotty, and I just didn't think it would be a good idea to pile us into the car for the 2.5 hr road trip to NKY.

 I promise we'll see you soon, Master Toy. Happiest of days to you! We love you ( and your parents) very much.

Hope you all have had a fantastic, healthy, and fun weekend!
Thanks for reading. Feel free to share the love. :)

Until next time...


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