Sunday, October 16, 2011

It's Fall, Y'all...

I know. According to the calendar, the first day of fall was September 23rd... which was 3 weeks ago. And, even if you count our GREAT PUMPKIN SEARCHour fall had it's kick-off a week ago. But... today, I felt it.  I smelled it. I tasted it.

Andy got out the big pot and my house filled with the delicious smell of his infamous potato soup. It's fantastic. He was holding this one close to his chest. Didn't bust this recipe out until after we were married, not that I needed any more convincing.  

This recipe changes several times throughout the season. Spicy. Extra creamy. This time he added chicken and green chile's. Amazing.

What a fantastic lunch AND dinner?! Yes, I had two HUGE bowls.

Then, at my mother's...

I'm not gonna lie. I knew what we were walking into. It wasn't just a "pleasant surprise". The pumpkin pie was a large contributing factor in our quick visit. Blake is really into pumpkin pie, so this was the first of many pies of the season. This makes my pallet happy.

Hope you're enjoying your fall season, whenever it started. Any favorite fall inspired dishes I need to add to my list?

Thank you for reading. Until next time...

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