Friday, July 2, 2010

A perfect 9 months

I love sleep. I LOVE SLEEP. I'm notorious for hitting snooze one to many times or even turning the alarm off altogether. When I finally wake, I have zero recollection of doing either. This morning was no different.

Avery's 9 month well baby visit was this morning. Appointment time was 9:30. Alarm was set for 7:30, second alarm set for 8:00. What time did we wake up? Drum roll please... 9:05.
Great. Just great. Nothing like rushing around with a sleepy-eyed baby (she's such a trooper though). We made it to the doctor's office at 9:31. Granted, I was wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday (I did manage to brush my teeth and fix a cup of coffee).

Avery's doctor seems very pleased with her growth and development, saying that she is "exactly where she's supposed to be. Perfect.". This last part, the "perfect" part, is something that anyone who has met her already knows. lol! :) She weighed in at 18 lbs and measured 27" in length. She is (and has been) in the 50th percentile. She received one shot and took it like a champ.

It's really hard to believe that she is 9 months old (of course, I've said that every month for the past 9). She has been "out" just as long as she was "in". I've started mentally planning her birthday party. Nothing big, just family and a few friends, but I want it to be special.

Speaking of friends... Avery had a play date our new friend Carter. And, since I can't post without a few pictures, here you go. :)


Lovin' on each other ;)

Have a great day!

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  1. I'm just catching up on everyone's updates... Great post! Yes, Miss Avery is quite perfect! We can't wait for more play dates! :)


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