Thursday, September 23, 2010

"little's" first ultra sound

Hello friends!

For those of you who don't know, Andy and I will be expecting our second child sometime around May 1, 2011. We are both super, super excited. At first, I was feeling a little overwhelmed, even though this is what I've been wanting. Our children will be about 20 months apart. Andy and I planned on starting the "trying" process when Avery turned a year old. So, we were just a month ahead of schedule. ha! 

Today we had our first ultra sound of our "little". Andy, Avery, and I waited anxiously patiently in the ultra sound room, getting excited every time someone walked past the door, in hopes it was our turn. Avery was itching to get down, walk around, and pull on the cords of the ultra sound machine. But, she stopped in her tracks when she heard that loud whoosh whoosh whoosh of the heart beat.

Doc said everything looked great. "Little's" heart rate was going strong at 158! Avery's first heart rate was 170, so does this mean "little" is a boy?! Either way, we're blessed. :)

And... since I can't post without pictures of my girl, here you go.


  1. Cindy JacksonSeptember 23, 2010

    How exciting!!! And I love the leg warmers!!! This blog makes me smile!

  2. oh my I love the LITTLE!!
    Love little, love the big, toothy one, love you!

  3. Sorry to be repetitive, but I can't help it! Those legwarmers are AWESOME! That picture makes me feel so happy! Many congrats to the Caudills!


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