Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Review

It's Monday. Time to recap the Caudill's weekend.
Andy's been working a different shift, so our weekends now start on Friday, just like everybody else. It makes for a mega long week. We've all gotten spoiled by the 4 day weekends every week, but hopefully this won't last for too much longer.
Something much better is in the works.
The Caudill House menu consisted of spaghetti. That sounds boring.
Until recently, spaghetti was my only success in the kitchen. My "go-to" meal, which works out well for me, considering I could eat pasta (or pizza) everyday of my life and never tire of it. Seriously.
Andy made it home. Dinner was served.
It was time for Avery to get ready for her first date and theatrical debut. The Harrison's (our best friends, neighbors, and adoptive grandparents to my girls) got tickets to see A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail at the Paramount Arts Center.
Anxiously awaiting her "dates" for the evening.

A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail

I think a good time was had by all. :)

Santa Claus AND the Grinch came to town... to a local elementary school, actually. We saw the post on facebook and decided to go join in the fun.
Crafts (didn't make it to the craft table, though).
Good. Times.

Elliot Grae + the Grinch = BFFs

Mr. Claus met us by the door. Avery was "very thankful" her Daddy was close.

Jolly Pirate Christmas cookies. *drool

Well, it's not Christmas card worthy, but "no tears = success" in my book.

Saturday also brought some Pinterest inspired baking (and I use the term baking very loosely).

Preheat oven to 275. Pretzels & Kisses. Pretzels & Rolos. 3 minutes. Add M&Ms or pretzel topper immediately upon removal. Fridge till ready to serve. Boom.

The last day of our fun-filled and laid-back weekend. We usually don't do much on Sundays. Andy gets his weekly laundry done. Yes, ladies... the man does his own laundry too. Amazing, I know. It's a lot of cozy couch time and pj's are worn by all.
This Sunday was no different... except a HUGE breakfast was provided by our dear friends, the Harrison's (see above).
Wahwah's (Howard) side of the family have their Christmas gift exchange/dinner early in the month, and our friends always host the weekend's closing breakfast.
 For the past two years, the Caudill's have joined the food line.
Good food. Good fellowship.
Wonderful friends.

Weekend Discovery:
This weekend, I decided to join the 21st century and discovered the wonderful world of online shopping.
 I know. I know.
But, you have to understand... this is a HUGE deal for me.
I do not shop.
For anything.
Ask my mom.
However, I finally took the plunge into zulily and totsy.
If you haven't "joined" (entered your email address) these two websites, you should.
It's not just baby/kids clothes/toys either. I found some really fantastic scarves and sweaters.
Something for the girls.
Something for me.
Go to these links:
(they both have a pretty sweet referral program too... so, you should really "join" through these links)


Thank you for reading.
Feel free to share the love.

Until next time...

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