Friday, December 2, 2011

Mother of the Year: Reason #724

December already?! Where has 2011 gone? This year has been filled  overflowing with reason why I will be accepting my Mother of the Year award (I'm expecting it to arrive any day now). Yesterday, was just another example... let me share it with you. And, please hold your applause until the end.

Yes, that is a stove top burn.
If you're a regular reader of my blog (if you're not, please come back and join us again), you're aware of my recent "culinary adventures". I'd like to say I was whipping up some sort of magical, seasonal goodness... creating fantastic memories with my girl right by my side, watching my every move. I'd love to be able to say that.
Sadly, I was heating up a can of soup.
Not nearly as exciting, but the result was the same, which was a trip to Ashland Children's Clinic.

Please do not judge the hair. We were in a hurry. Momma was a hot mess over this. Do not let this light hearted blog post fool anyone. Hot. Mess.

I'm happy to report: Avery Drew is doing just fine.
 Little bit of ointment.
 Little bit of Telfa (non-stick dressing).
 $20 co-pay.
 Then, we were good to go.

 After our visit at the clinic, we went to my mom's. Moe asked Avery about her "hurt hand". Avery, who had seemed to forgotten all about this excruciating pain once the Winnie the Pooh sticker was applied, got all pouty-faced and went straight into "poooor Avery" mode. She even held out the wrong hand.
It must be PTSD.

sweet sister

Speaking of "culinary adventures", on tonight's menu:
 The Best Pot Roast Ever! (according to Pinterest, anyways)

Andy requested a roast for dinner. Little does he know I'm going to be making THIS.
I'm not even gonna mention the subtle changes, just going to let his taste buds do the talking.
*Muhahaha! (evil laugh)

Here's the deal:
-throw potatoes, onions, and carrots into crock pot
-toss in roast (on top of veggies)
-sprinkle an envelope of (dry) ranch dressing mix
-sprinkle an envelope of italian dressing mix (again, dry)
-sprinkle an envelope of brown gravy mix (you guessed it... dry)
-pour 1-2 Cups water
-cook on low for 6-10 hrs (veggies/meat are cooked to your liking)
-Boom! Best Roast Ever! (we shall see)

Here at the Caudill House, we keep it classy with pre-dinner entertainment. Here's a little mental image of what you might catch while waiting on your fine dining experience.

Avery Drew on the harmonica, accompanied by her Daddy on the keys. *Swoon...

Drum roll please...

Andy, the ONLY person I'm concerned with liking this dish, takes a bite. Wait for it... wait for it... "Excellent".
And, there you go.
"I'd like to thank the Academy... my manager, and ALL my fans, who have supported me all along. Also, this meal would not have been possible, if it weren't for Pinterest..."


Look what came in the mail today.

And, I couldn't have been more excited.
 Weird, I know.
It's my first "grown up" magazine.
People doesn't count as grown up.
Who am I?

Thank you for reading and as always, feel free to share the love.

Until next time...

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  1. Oh, I love this one!!! Funny and adorable! Thanks for the roast recipe too! Looks awesome! I love "Southern Living" during Spring and Summer the most for the gardening tips! I'm more of a gardener than a cook!


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