Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Festival of Trees

Creating traditions. Making memories.
*And, a new playlist?!  Volume: On.
Suggestions welcomed.
Festival of Tress. Paramount Arts Center. Well done.
My girls were in "tree trances".

The Snowmen at Christmas tree. This one got my vote because this book has become a favorite of ours.

The Goodnight Moon tree. I had to vote for this tree, because this book is such a staple in our bedtime routine.

I remember going to the Festival of Trees as a small child. You're still given two tokens to vote for your favorite trees. One on the lower level (the "professionals") and one for the upper level (the local schools). I remember being so careful in my choice, as if my choice in token placement would make or break the whole system.

Anyone else notice the creepy, floating Cinderella? I thought she looked like something from Criminal Minds, but Avery loved her.

I forget how beautiful this building is. When I do make it to the Paramount, it's usually for a show and it's dark... buzzing with excitement, energy, and conversation. Yesterday was nice. It was quiet (unless, of course, you count the one minor meltdown, when Avery realized she wasn't allowed to go up on the stage; situation was easily diffused by the distraction of the train... no big deal). Peaceful. Surreal, almost.

Blake's favorite part.

It was a lovely afternoon. But, we had to have a small photo session with our favorite "star" before we left. Avery and Elliot's "Wahwah" is on the board (the President, actually) of the Paramount Arts Center. We hang with celebrities. That's just how we roll.

Our festive outing was followed up with lunch at Griffith & Feil Pharmacy Old Fashioned Soda Fountain. I am loving this place. I have decided to just have my mother order for me next time though. Last time we went: I ordered the Philly cheese steak, which was good. She got the black and bleu burger which was *drool amazing.
This time: I ordered a cheeseburger, which was very good. She ordered the Reuben, which was *double drool delicious.

What traditions are you creating or carrying out with your family this holiday season? Anyone making memories? Share 'em. Please. :)

Happy Thanksgiving.
Enjoy your families and fellowship.
Enjoy the food.

Thank you for reading. Feel free to share the love.
Until next time...

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  1. FoT is a huge part of our holiday traditions! And I agree, the Cinderella tree was creepy! I appreciate the effort behind it, but creepy nonetheless. :) Beautiful pics, as usual! :)


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