Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gratitude PSA

 I'm so thankful. Grateful. Blessed. There aren't enough words.
Yes, I get frustrated. Overwhelmed? Absolutely. Stuck in the stay-at-home wife and mother rut/blues/blah/whatever-you-call-thems? Most definitely. Then, a day weekend moment like this comes along, and it's just the refill I need.

I'm not sure what it is about this image that I love so much. Is it my cloth-bummed babies? Could it be the fact that at 6 months old, my littlest already feels the need to be under her sister's feet, literally. Is it the little back-fat rolls on my Avery Drew? Or the way Elliot Grae has her legs crossed and is looking up at her sister asking, "Now, what can we get into?"... You decide. But, I love it.
One little moment and I'm so much more aware of all of the love in my life. Love that becomes overlooked, pushed to the back burner, because there is laundry, I can't remember the last time I vacuumed this basement, dirty dishes from 2 days ago, Oh My Word... both of them are crying?! Have I showered today? moments. That's exactly what those are... moments. Even if they don't feel like they pass as fast as the good ones, the point is: they do pass. And, when they go, I'm left with smiles like these.

She is so proud of herself! As am I. We had such a scare with her health in the first few weeks/months of her life, that every time she discovers something new she can do, I thank God that she is achieving, growing, and thriving (even though sometimes it feels that it's at a freakishly alarming rate). And this face, is His way of answering me with a big ol' dose of "Trust Me. Always."

 I need the awareness of this love to be riding shot-gun in my everyday. It's not just me, folks. Consider this a Gratitude Public Service Announcement.  Whether it's a hectic one, or a there is no way I'm making it outta these pj's day, I need to remember to stop, breathe, and remember days like this one...

... where the only mandatory item on our agenda is a little "cozy" couch time with my littles.

Today, I am thankful. I am forever grateful for my husband and my children.
What are you thankful for? 

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share the love.
Until next time...


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