Friday, December 23, 2011

Slumber Party


People say these words all of the time. They get tossed around and become automatic responses.
I am *insert "all of the above" to have these women in my life.
Greta, me, and Julia
Sept. 08
I started to type out the story of how these beautiful ladies became a part of my life... major deja vu. The point: I love these girls. I love how we can go weeks or months without contact and pick back up exactly where we left off.

The Slumber Party:
I'm not sure who had the idea, but I'm completely taking credit for it.
I missed my friends. So, I said to myself: Self, why not have a slumber party?
Of course, my friends thought it was a brilliant  idea and were only too happy to make the drive (2 hrs for Greta, 3 hrs for Julia) to come hang out with me. Yes, I am that cool.
OK... We had a lot more fun than this picture portrays. Just so you know...

Let me just say that my house was CRAZY.
5 kids. 3 adults. 1 moose.

young love

Greta Bo Bo & Lincoln


LPB :)

This "girl time" was exactly what the Dr ordered for this mom. Yes, it was hectic. But, absolutely lovely. Resolutions were made to not wait so long to do this again (just like every time we get together).

I'm so lucky.
I'm so fortunate.
I'm so grateful.
I am so blessed to have these friends in my life.

Thanks for reading. Feel free to share the love.

Until next time...

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